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Glen & SU Group

欢迎访问格朗&苏(英国)集团,希望您在这里可以了解到更多关于我们的服务和产品。 为了更好的更完善的表达,我们对部分段落使用中英双语, 内容以英文为准。


格朗&苏的成功,成长和未来的繁荣依赖于我们为了提升我们的服务每天不停的拥抱我们的目标,公司的基础是建立在高标准之上。(The success, growth and future prosperity of Glen&SU relies on we embracing our goals on a daily basis in order to continuously provide a high standard of service, which the foundations of the Company are built upon.)

在格朗&苏,争创佳绩是我们的核心。我们目前已经实现我们的既定目标,但是要保证这些需要我们的员工和合作伙伴在高标准的前提下通力合作。有了你们的帮助,我们可以一起创造出一些我们都可以引以为豪的东西。(Striving for success is at the core of everything we do at Glen&SU. We have already enjoyed considerable success in achieving our aims but ensuring the continued success of Glen&SU can only be gained by working to the highest of standards and working together. With your help, we can create something we can all be proud of. )

我们的使命是提供无与伦比的服务,使我们的客户在服务过程中感到舒适和并对结果感到满意。(Our mission is to provide unparalleled service so that our clients are comfortable throughout the entire service process and thrilled with the outcome.)

我们相信,我们的员工是我们成功的关键。我们的在一线的营销队伍,我们经验丰富的咨询人员是我们的中坚力量;他们专业知识丰富,反应迅速,周到的为我们的客户提供需求。 (We believe that our employees are key to making that happen. Our front line marketing team and our experienced consulting staff are our strength; they shall strive to be resourceful, responsive and attentive to our clients needs.)

最后, 格朗&苏集团期待着和您有一个长期的,有双赢结果的,愉快的合作和工作关系。